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DIY circular saw crosscut station

DIY crosscut station with circular saw


Purpose of a circular saw crosscut station

I designed this DIY crosscut station as a prototype I can make use of and take notes on how to improve on a future build. I built this with intension of cutting down larger narrow pieces of wood that doesn’t fit on a table saw.

After much research I came up with this design. What I like about it is the removable circular saw slide as this helps load long pieces to cut. The slide part also rests on the work being cut and acts as a hold down.

1 – Starting of with  cutting the base of the crosscut station.I made mine 900x600mm, you can adjust this size to any size you need. 

Base for DIY crosscut station

2 – All the cuts ready for assembly. Plans and cutting list at the bottom of the article.

3 – Starting the assembly with the circular saw guide/sled. Mounting the two end pieces and then the two side strips. Note that the two side strips are 36mm longer as there needs to be a 18mm overhang on each end. 

4 – Moving on to the base of the crosscut station. I firstly mark out 18mm from the edge of the base and mark it. Further i measure out where the end and center pieces are going to be so that I can pre drill all the holes.    

5 – Next i screw down the back support that also acts as a spacer.

6 – Marking the center of the base board and the center of the inside aligner and screwing it in place. 

7 – Moving on to the front of the crosscut station I repeat the steps in marking out 18mm from the edge and mounting the front support/spacer. Note this one is wider as the design does not allow the circular saw to slide all the way through. This will keep the work at the center of the saw blade. Mark the center of the base and the center board in front as well and screw down.

8 – I first check everything for squareness and alignment before I screw on the two outside support pieces on both sides.

9 – Making the first cut through the circular saw guide. I loosen the height adjustment and use the saw as a plunge saw.

10 – Now that i know where the blade is running i cut in a small sight area to see my markings and measurements easier. I just cut out a small section with a jigsaw.

11 – Time for some test cuts on some scrap wood. 

Conclusion of the DIY crosscut station

I am very pleased how it turned out. Cutting is fast and square. during the use of the saw I already noticed ways of improving it and will take notes of all the improvements and incorporate them into my next crosscut station.

Tools Used

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  1. Do you think you can email me all your plans my Sketchup is not complying I would really appreciate it please and thank you

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